9 Responses to Linux, add user to a group without logout

  1. Luke says:

    Thanks so much ! Didn’t feel like logging out of my screen sessions. Saved me ten minutes or so.

  2. sfp says:

    Isn’t it change your primary group in place of add cdrom as your secondary group? What about permissions restricted for your primary group (usually named the same as $USER)?

    Alternative solutions you can find at http://superuser.com/questions/272061/reload-a-linux-users-group-assignments-without-logging-out
    (it isn’t my side, so don’t do any marketing in negative meaning).

  3. zipizap says:

    With “$ newgrp ” you will have a secondary group “” AND also change the real group ID to “”
    You can then correct the real group ID with a second “newgrp” without arguments “$ newgrp”

    I’ve explained it with comments in [this gist](https://gist.github.com/zipizap/4976977) and [in a post from my blog](http://zipizap.wordpress.com/2012/12/28/debianubuntu-add-user-into-group/)

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